Jersey has had a unique relationship with the British Crown since 1204 and has had an active Ships Registry since 1803, part of the Red Ensign Group and monitored by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. The Register is strictly regulated and has a reputation for respect to clients, integrity and excellent service standards. The Island was white-listed as a transparent and well-regulated offshore finance centre by the OECD in April 2009. It offers first class expertise in tax efficient ownership, asset management, company formation, maritime legal and banking expertise. Jersey sits outside the UK and EU and offers Goods and Service Tax-free Temporary Importation into the Island and Value Added Tax-free Temporary Importation into EU for ships owned by non-EU residents.

International law requires registration on a national register of any vessel going overseas. A vessel taken overseas must identify their nationality by carrying the flag of the country in which it is registered. The Port of Jersey provides registration under Part 3 of the Shipping (Jersey Law) 2002 and Shipping (Local Small Ships Registration) (Jersey) Regulations 2004.

Benefits of Full Registration in the Port of Jersey:

  • British Consular services and support available when abroad.
  • Registration is proof of title, this is usually required if a mortgage is to be obtained.
  • Registration includes bareboat charter option enabling the legal owner to keep the original jurisdiction of registration.
  • Renewed every 10 years (UK is every 5 years).
  • No corporation or tonnage tax for company-owned vessels. Commercial ship coding up to 150 Gross Tons (rather than 24m) offering flexibility in regards to equivalents.
  • Social Security insurance exemptions available to non-resident crew, regardless of vessel tonnage.
  • Self-declaration of compliance for pleasure craft between 150 and 400 Gross tons.
  • Entitlement to register includes all EU and Commonwealth citizens avoiding the need for company formation (unless required for tax purposes).

Who can register a vessel in Jersey?

Individuals: Jersey residents, British citizens, British Nationals (Overseas), British Overseas Territory citizens, British Commonwealth of Nations citizens, European Community citizens.

Bodies Corporate: Incorporated in one of the areas listed above. There are other circumstances when persons not listed above may be registered as a minority owner.

Please note the above is a summary and is for guidance only. Clients should make specific enquiries with their own legal advisors regarding their requirements and individual situation.

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For further information, maritime guidance and legislation, application forms/downloads etc. in regards to British Register of Ships in Jersey please go to the States of Jersey Official Web Site For Public Services and Information


I carry out tonnage measurements on pleasure craft less than 24m in the Channel Islands and Europe.

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