A marine survey is a factually based report on the condition of a vessel on the date of inspection. At this time, faults, build defects, impact damage etc. may be identified and knowledge of such faults or deterioration can assist a purchaser in the rectification of defects with appropriate allowances. Occasionally defects are discovered that result in the purchaser re-considering the purchase and withdrawing an offer. Insurers may require a survey (notably on older vessels) before placing a vessel on cover.

My responsibility is to my instructing client only. Whoever has commissioned the survey, my responsibility is to them only, as my instructing client. I operate under the Code of Practice as required by the Yacht Designers & Surveyors Association and inspections are carried out professionally and with attention to detail.

The process of purchasing a boat would generally follow the route below:

The vessel would be advertised either through a broker or private sale with an initial asking price. An offer is made subject to survey and may also be subject to a satisfactory sea trial. A reputable, qualified and insured yacht broker should provide a professional service as well as guidance throughout the sales procedure. Click Here for a link to The Association of Brokers and Yacht Agents (ABYA) website for guidance on the purchase of a second hand vessel and a membership list. A Sale and Purchase agreement/contract should always be signed even if a broker is not involved and the sale is considered "private", as this sets out the terms of the process.

The vessel should be viewed and properly sea trialled and an engineer should be employed to provide a separate report on the condition of the machinery, generator sets, etc. The sea trial will provide an opportunity to assess the performance and handling of the vessel and to check gear and equipment normally tested during the trial at sea. I can attend a sea trial if it is co-ordinated with the date of the survey.

Once the prospective purchaser is confident that "this is the vessel for them" and any risks have been minimized, a survey should be commissioned and a contract signed. The vessel should be lifted ashore or dried out on suitable hard standing, an inspection carried out and a written survey report produced, usually within 4 working days.

Various types of survey inspections are available: these range from a full pre-purchase hull and gear survey to an external only inspection of the paint coatings. A full condition report will identify the craft, type and construction and will outline the extent or limitations of the inspection. A description of defects found with graded recommendations for repair and servicing work will be included in the report. Full details of types of surveys and tailored requirements can be discussed - please contact me by email or telephone.